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The Club funded its free women soccer and swimming classes in 2018/2019, benefiting a total of 33 ethnic minority girls.  Apart from regular training and competitions, a wide variety of learning experience activities were organized for the students.  For example, in October 2018, students from these classes watched the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open Finals with members of the Club.


The Club began at the end of 2014 to sponsor the ‘Love Motivates You’ scheme to aid female patients of the Hospital Authority’s Substance Abuse Assessment clinic in a number of public hospitals, helping them to stay free of drug addiction and integrate back into society.  The aim is to assist through participation in a series of counselling, small group sessions, and activities. 

In 2016, the Club expanded to sponsoring the ‘Beat Drugs Master’ program.  The program is to recruit volunteers from the society to become BDMs’ mentors and also develop a supportive group (the “BDM” Mentorship Club) to promote anti-drugs activities in the society.  The BDMs and mentors became internet peer counselors to run the beat drugs website and share their positive experiences with high-risk teenagers.


ZCHKII has continued supporting the Green Angel Education Program with Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation since 2013.  The program offers a spectrum of educational activities throughout the school year to cultivate our young generation to cherish food and preserve the natural resources of earth.  Activities include different talks, workshops, contests and carnival are organized and presented to students in the local and international schools throughout Hong Kong.


Since 2005, the Club continued sponsorship of the Hong Kong Youth Institute's Millennium Entrepreneur Program (MEP) as a co-organizer.  The MEP is a project which is organized by Hong Kong Youth Institute (HKYI). It is an inspiring life-wide collaborative learning programme for students to acquire knowledge outside the classroom. It enables students to develop the life-long learning capabilities that are needed in our ever-changing society. It also provides opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the school through a social study project with a designated theme relating to certain social policies, or social issues.
The theme changes every year. Through the study process, students are requested to inquire the issue, and have a well understanding, then present a viable and sustainable plan for a specific clientele or solving a societal problem.
The Club participates also as mentors and judges.


Zonta Club of Hong Kong II partners with the Mary Cove School. We have provided sponsorship to the School on educational play tools as well as our "Plant-a-Book" reading scheme.  Students from the School joined the Club in social services projects such as our visit to Elderly Homes; our members joined in students' activities including Game days, and recently  joined a group of  F.2- 5 students to share tips around dining etiquette.  The Club will continue to play a role in helping to broaden experience with Mary Cove Students in the coming years.


In 2007 and 2008, the Club partnered with the Southern District Women's Commission and launched the program named 身心健康新女性計劃 to promote mental and general health of women and their families in the Southern District of Hong Kong. 
The project aims to raise public awareness on the importance of physical and mental health through engaging women volunteers in the community.  It includes the provision of regular health-related seminars and workshops and training for the volunteers equipping them to spread the concepts of physical and mental health through their family and social network.   Through these women volunteers, the program encourages the community to help each other, care, and jointly create a healthy and harmonious community environment.

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